Faux Fur Fashion

Fur isn't for everyone, some love it while other's despise what it represents... My thoughts are that i'm more of a faux fur kind of person to begin with, the exception for me is that I have a few gorgeous pieces handed down from my great grandma who was a complete fashionista to say the least. Some things from her collection include a full length coyote coat (not really my style) , some kind of earmuffs, a sheared peach mink sweater (i love this one, but there is never an occasion to showcase it), and a few others. None of them are really everyday wear type of accessories, but on a blizzard-type day we'll see. To conclude, wearing fur isn't only for cruela devil, but the real stuff now a days sometimes just looks wrong, and its sometimes more fun to mix and match with a bunch a faux!
bearry cute, love big furry hats in the winter time!!
There is something about furs whether they are faux or real that adds a little sophistication and interest to an everyday outfit. I adore this look!

If fur is good enough for Chanel, it must be luxury for everyone else! These two photos are Chanel inspirations, because, well Chanel is always the best-in my opinion. I love the full on oufits-so eccentric & interesting. Additionally, this is one example where faux fur is made to look chic not cheap, which if your going to go that route is very important in the purchasing process, nobody aspires to look like a plastic rat. ick.

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