Get Some Sand In These Sandals!

My current beach attire consists usually of a cute sun dress or romper, chic sunglasses, a large beach bag, and one of several pairs of Havainanas. Havainana flip flops are great because they are so affordable--but literally for everyday use are incomparable comfort wise. There are so many multiple designs and colors available which makes it easy to match them to every outfit and also have fun with them. They are sold in most stores that sell higher end flip flops or bathing suits and they can also be found at your nearest Macy's or Nordstrom. New styles are commonly created allowing you to continue finding your favorite and most comfortable flip flop.

Big on Boho Chic

Lately, I've been in love with Nicole Richie's classic boho-chic style. Her biggest trick is the use of layering classic pieces like white v-necks under thin cardigans or jackets. The look is very versatile and comfortable as well as extremely practical in everyday life. Other celebrities that inspire me with this style include; Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, last but not least, Kate Moss. All incorporate simple clothing choices, layered with trendy accessories and shoes any girl would covet. This fashion choice is certainly more laid back compared to say, Lady Gaga, but then again not everyone wants to be the center of attention all the time:)

Summer's Favorite Drink!

Actually, I have two Favorites.

The first one is an Arnold Palmer, which is a combination of lemonade and iced tea. I love it because sometimes just a lemonade is too sugary, and the plain tea dims it down a little, making it perfect for a hot summer day. You can buy them almost everywhere, but to be honest, my favorites are the ones made by Arizona Ice Tea Company. They sell at gas stations for 99 cents and last me an entire day of happiness.

Second Favorite, a Shaken Ice Tea Lemonade. Now that I think about it, It's almost exact to an Arnold Palmer, but for some reason, the taste is very different. You can get them at Starbucks everywhere, and they cost around 2 or 3 dollars. When you buy them, you get a choice of the tea used and sweetener (a must!), the best in my opinion is the Passion flavored tea but only a little bit sweetened. The fruit tea combined with lemonade is delicious.

Be aware though, drinking these addicting drinks may cause you to become a ‘usual’ at your nearest gas station or starbucks—How I know? I myself have fallen victim to these amazing summer delights and because of this I now have a new best friend at starbucks who has my drink ready for me before I’ve even worked my way up to order it!

A Picture For Inspiration!

This picture of Marilyn Monroe for some reason really intrigues me. Her look was genuine, this is seen especially in this picture where there was no need for any make up or touch ups…so different from what the current bimbo ‘wanna be Monroes’ seem to express with their attempts. This picture to me represents a happy go lucky point of view. It seems to be taken at such a wonderful time, with a nice summer day where she doesn't have to try to look priceless but somehow achieves the look anyways.

Frankly Inspiration for Those Who Love Design...

Josef Frank, a Swedish Designer, (died 1967) has a unique eye and is sure to make any wall, chair, or item, look extraordinary. His work is sold at stores like Anthropologie, and is much loved by all of his buyers. Franks main style has everything going on in it, his use of color and pattern is exotic and is definitely an eye-catcher.

Vintage Vogue

Vintage is a style which tends to teeter-totter between being old lady and being an irreplacable classic, While shopping at a vintage store in uptown this past winter my best friend was about to buy the most adorable vintage floral shirt--but before she slid her card looked at me and said "i think my grandma would wear this..." it was then that the counter clerk said...thats the best part about it, you can wear these clothes which you will probably still wear as a grandma and you can bet that your grandchildren will be asking the same question! That's when the circle of style literally hit me like a ton of really does circulate, yes there is such a thing as something that will never come back into style--and in most cases...thank god for that, but in other cases the circulation of classics is a really interesting concept to fashion. In order to add credibility to my thought pattern, i have posted some delectible vintage fashion pictures!! enjoy!

A Little Home Inside Your Home

My mom is really into using antique birdhouses to fill an empty space. At first the idea seemed a little bit odd to me, but now that she has accumulated a collection, they really bring a room together. Lately, the use of 5 or 6 clumped together, above our wardrobe, creates an intricate look with an adorable cottage feel to it. They are really quite beautiful to look at and we get lots of compliments on them. I found a few antique birdhouses similar to the ones we have in our home. and have posted them here for some inspiration!

The Best by Basha; an eye-popping addition

Aaron Basha jewelry is top notch, every jewelry fanatic like me knows that for sure. His tasteful items are sold at famous stores such as Saks, Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Aaron's new idea comes from the beautiful country of Greece, where the use of evil eyes have warded off bad things for hundreds of years. The new line made by Aaron Basha is all about these evil eyes and their protective qualities. It contains necklaces, bracelets, rings, and charms, for those who can afford to splurge. The trinkets are composed of several different things, to either cause the prices to rise or fall (not by much). Diamonds for instance cause prices to definitely skyrocket, but if your lucky you could search through his line for something without them if its price your concerned about. I really fell in love with his rings and bracelets over everything else, probably because I could see myself wearing them the most. The thing I adore most about this line is the colors that are used. The sky blues really compliment the silver or gold which encloses them. The same colors also tend to look extremely stunning against skin tones and will be eye-popping to anyone that sees them.

Rationale; Fashion is Subjective

I've found that to vent oneself through fashion can be one of the best ways to entertain myself, having spend most likely hundreds of hours flipping through magazines one after the other since I was still in diapers. And it's not just me, there are hundreds of thousands everyday doing the same thing, because everyone is after the same thing, to be effected personally by these magazines, runway shows, and all other mass media aspects. I know that's how it is for me, the second I flip that issue open I'm in another world, mesmerized by all of it. I have high hopes of someday being entirely immersed into the world of high fashion and excess, in means of career track and being able to experience all aspects of fashion.