A Quicky List of College Essentials

As the summer nights draw to an end, we are once again instilled with anxiety over a fast-approaching fall. This year, I will be leaving the nest-so to speak-and venturing south for college. Below I have the beginning to some essentials for those, like me, headed back to school this fall. 

My first and foremost essential is lululemon attire. Its comfortable, cute and a necessity for me. 
before I depart, I will for sure be spending one last visit to LuluLemon in MOA

  My thing with school supplies, is that it is already boring by nature, i need products that will make me want to study. My go to brands for my learning needs are Russell & Hazel and Le Pen. All their products are simple yet durable and chic all in one.
To finish off the list for tonight, all people should have duffel bags. It seems obvious but you just need one huge bag that you can easily and efficiently stuff anything and everything into. I've found solace with my packing in Vera Bradley's duffle bags. They are well made and washable--very spacious as well.

The Classic Bunny

I think in a past life I lived in the 1950's based solely on my adoration for all things vintage & classic. A long time obsession has been 1950's pin-ups and the lovely Playboy Bunnies. They tend to get a bad rap these days based on their editorial clothing selections--rather lack there of, but i'm talking vintage here, the classic bunny that used to be seen tending to customers at the Playboy club. Love the outfits, love the hair, love love love the lux-mysterious lives they seemed to live. Need I say more???

Whity-Knity Winter

I love thick chunky knits in the winter time, most likely because I live in Minnesota--so our winters get pretty darn cold. Additionally with this look I would advise layering, maybe some leggings underneath to start or skinny jeans, a nice soft long-sleeve v-neck, the chunky knit and in colder conditions the addition of a cozy scarf and hat. The look is comfortable and practical, plus it's been seen throughout the pages of current fashion magazines, so its a go! This is how to survive a Minnesotan winter in a nutshell--oh and don't forget the wool socks with some uggs!


Jessica Simpson searched for true beauty throughout the world in her tv series. Despite the fact that the show really only aired for one season, I still think that the message that Simpson sent to women all over was amazing. Additionally her idea to learn how other cultures portray beauty was fresh and a good change from the normal reality tv shows like jersey shore.
A natural look emits an undeniable sense of confidence, Beyonce is just one example of this.
In addition to confidence, natural beauty is effortless, a clear representation of 'you', even minimal make-up can really brighten your face.
Within our culture we are always trying to look 'our best'. Over the years it seems almost as if this 'best' has reformed itself to mean 'someone else's best.' Take for instance Jersey Shore, in the beginning season there were so many rude remarks about Nicole (Snooki's) choice of make-up, but now teenage girls walk around wearing the same cakey make-up. I think the most important part about make-up is that it is a representation of yourself, yes it's extremely fun to experiment--i especially love putting on red lipstick every once in a while--but the most vital part to this is to be yourself, and consider your own signature. An unnatural spray tan and bronzer is clearly snooki's signature. As much as make-up is wonderful and I rarely leave the house without it, I also think its great and revitalising to go a day without any make-up. Your face will not only seem fresh but the next time you wear make-up it will feel almost as if your face has been to a detox camp--regenerating natural oils and nourishing itself while the make-up took a little vacation. For winter I think a good look to try would be more minimalistic, this doesn't necessarily mean to throw out all make-up and wipe everything off--but hey, its winter--everyone is pale maybe give the bronzer a break and just leave it to some mascara and a cute lip stain. just an idea:)

Faux Fur Fashion

Fur isn't for everyone, some love it while other's despise what it represents... My thoughts are that i'm more of a faux fur kind of person to begin with, the exception for me is that I have a few gorgeous pieces handed down from my great grandma who was a complete fashionista to say the least. Some things from her collection include a full length coyote coat (not really my style) , some kind of earmuffs, a sheared peach mink sweater (i love this one, but there is never an occasion to showcase it), and a few others. None of them are really everyday wear type of accessories, but on a blizzard-type day we'll see. To conclude, wearing fur isn't only for cruela devil, but the real stuff now a days sometimes just looks wrong, and its sometimes more fun to mix and match with a bunch a faux!
bearry cute, love big furry hats in the winter time!!
There is something about furs whether they are faux or real that adds a little sophistication and interest to an everyday outfit. I adore this look!

If fur is good enough for Chanel, it must be luxury for everyone else! These two photos are Chanel inspirations, because, well Chanel is always the best-in my opinion. I love the full on oufits-so eccentric & interesting. Additionally, this is one example where faux fur is made to look chic not cheap, which if your going to go that route is very important in the purchasing process, nobody aspires to look like a plastic rat. ick.

Christmas Early

There is a positive and negative side to this story. The positive is now that I have my own credit card, the ability for me to shop online is abundant, and as Christmas approaches this will ensure that I get all my shopping done on time. Negatively, my Wells Fargo account is beginning to plummet and my family thinks I'm not only a little early on the Christmas season but also a OSA (online shopping addict.) But hey, it could be worse, right?
The site I'm most guilty of excessively using is Gilt Groupe. For those of you who have yet to hear about it, I'd like to spare you from a lifelong shopping obsession--and you should probably steer clear of the rest of this post. For those of you who already are obsessed, or have extra money to spare, Gilt is an online site based in NYC that features top notch designer clothes, jewelery, home & personal accessories, even baby necessities. In a nutshell, if you need it, you can find it on Gilt Groupe. Oh, there is a plus side to this shopping too, not only are you getting high quality but at a good price, each designer featured is discounted on this site-and not just the stuff they couldn't sell elsewhere. My favorite buys thus far are some Voluspa candles and an evil-eye gold necklace. Additionally I have already done a good amount of my holiday shopping. My excuse when my mom brings me my packages from guilt is "Mom it's not my fault that all the best sales keep happening now," or "oh, another unbirthday present for me?"(I love alice in wonderland-so that one gets a little overused) Either way, if your stuck trying to find some wonderful gifts for any occasion, I would highly recommend checking out the website, as long as you don't see yourself as the 'addiction type.' Happy Holidays...early.