Wonderfully White.

As winter seems to be approaching faster and faster each year, I decided might as well get ahead of the curve on this one. My favorite look for winter is simple-all white. Here are some interior inspirations for this look, it really accentuates a modern look for a home but also can add some interest into a more traditional home as well.

Garance Doré; Inspirational Illustration

This Ladies and Gentlemen is my absolute all-time favorite illustrationist ever. Garance Doré's works can be found within her blog, several fashion magazines, and in some other surprising places! She is constantly coming up with new cute & trendy illustrations, usually of long-legged fashionistas. Love them all but of course there are way too many to post all of them, so below i just posted a few of my favorite favorites, and to see more visit her blog!love love love love love love love love love love love these!

Award Shows; Emmys 2011

Aren't award shows just the best excuse to camp out in front of your TV all night? YES. It has become some sort of family tradition in my family whether it be the emmys, oscars, or whatever other award shows, you will find all four of us watching from the red carpet pre-show till the ending. The best part of course for me is the dresses, not to mention the episode of fashion police on E that follows the next day:) Here i've posted a few of my favorites from this years show!
So did they all call each other the night before to decide this years color?
Either way love the vibrant reds!

Thinking Hot Pink & Gold

I adore color combos. There is of course the white & black combo, which has achieved the impression of classic through the many old hollywood movies and pictures. On my newest search for inspiration I scoured for a color combination that could initiate different feelings--represented a different look, but was all the same a combo that was delectable. The pairing of Hot Pink and Gold definatly sparked some interest. There is something about that eye-popping pair of metallics and brights which really creates a sort of regal feeling.
fit for a queen? clearly.