Jessica Simpson searched for true beauty throughout the world in her tv series. Despite the fact that the show really only aired for one season, I still think that the message that Simpson sent to women all over was amazing. Additionally her idea to learn how other cultures portray beauty was fresh and a good change from the normal reality tv shows like jersey shore.
A natural look emits an undeniable sense of confidence, Beyonce is just one example of this.
In addition to confidence, natural beauty is effortless, a clear representation of 'you', even minimal make-up can really brighten your face.
Within our culture we are always trying to look 'our best'. Over the years it seems almost as if this 'best' has reformed itself to mean 'someone else's best.' Take for instance Jersey Shore, in the beginning season there were so many rude remarks about Nicole (Snooki's) choice of make-up, but now teenage girls walk around wearing the same cakey make-up. I think the most important part about make-up is that it is a representation of yourself, yes it's extremely fun to experiment--i especially love putting on red lipstick every once in a while--but the most vital part to this is to be yourself, and consider your own signature. An unnatural spray tan and bronzer is clearly snooki's signature. As much as make-up is wonderful and I rarely leave the house without it, I also think its great and revitalising to go a day without any make-up. Your face will not only seem fresh but the next time you wear make-up it will feel almost as if your face has been to a detox camp--regenerating natural oils and nourishing itself while the make-up took a little vacation. For winter I think a good look to try would be more minimalistic, this doesn't necessarily mean to throw out all make-up and wipe everything off--but hey, its winter--everyone is pale maybe give the bronzer a break and just leave it to some mascara and a cute lip stain. just an idea:)

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